SalemPirates Release Armada, Mancala with a Pirate Twist


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Jan 13, 2009
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The SalemPirates are proud to announce the release of their 8th iPhone/iPod Touch application, Armada.

The SalemPirates' web site describes the game as...

Avast, the battle for the trade route to the Caribbean has begun! Which side will you choose, the disciplined Spanish navy or the untamed Pirate fleet?
This game is based upon the rules of Mancala but you can choose to include special events, which can quickly reverse the tides of battle. Will the Gold Ship arrive and raise the moral of the Spanish fleet or will the sight of the dread Flying Dutchman rally the Pirate crews?
In Armada, you will need all your cunning to defeat your wily opponent as you both race to sail your ships to your home port. Beware though, your opponent can capture an unguarded fleet and add your strength to their own!
You can choose to battle against the clockwork guile of the iPhone itself or play against the nearest sea dog. Choose your side, choose your flag. Use the Preference page to customize your game and let the battle begin!
Filled with colorful graphics and fun sound effects, this is a game you will find yourself playing again and again. A great way to teach Mancala to the wee pirates in your crew or to test the mettle of the most fearsome buccaneer among you.

With the release of their 8th iPhone/iPod Touch application, Armada, the SalemPirates (a family of Mac enthusiasts and gamers) continue to publish fun, pirate themed applications. All of the SalemPirates' programs are family-friendly and are available on the AppStore.

The SalemPirates Publish Armada Mancala Game for the Apple iPhone

I do have a couple of spare codes for the first 3 people that send me an email (I can not reply to private messages on this forum yet). I will send off a code to you!
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