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Dec 25, 2011
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Unclutter Your Mac (Pun Intended)
Apple introduced Stacks to help clean up your desktop from the overabundance of files that you keep on it. Or if you're like me, you keep a clean desktop and Stacks has no use. What if you could take those Stacks and clean them off your desktop? Or just those random files you keep on your desktop that you don't like looking at? Maybe you have some files that you use frequently and you're tired of going back into Finder to get them. Ever need to jot a quick note down that you don't need across all your devices, or you just don't want to open Notes? Let's not even talk about how we copy something then it times out, or we need to copy something else first, then you have to go back to the other thing to copy it again. That's frustrating, even for me, as I need to copy multiple links for my reviews. What if I told you there was an app that would take care of all of that? That's right, the app is Unclutter, and that's why you're here. Unclutter is a neat little app that hides above the top bar on your Mac. Yes, that's right, above the top bar. Unclutter has a few ways you can access it. First, you can move your mouse to the top of the screen and scroll down. Secondly, you can hold a key and move your mouse to the top of the screen. Thirdly, you just wait with your mouse at the top of the screen. And lastly, you can just press a key with the return/enter button to open it. You can choose one, or even all of the options to open Unclutter. You can also choose to have Unclutter launch at startup, and auto check for updates.


As for the layout, Unclutter gives you three panels. One for clipboard history, one for files, and one for notes. You have options to choose where the files are saved, where the notes are saved, how many clipboard items to keep and how the clipboard open, with last view, item content, or history. You can select which of the three panels you want to use as well. There is also an option to choose light, or dark appearance. You can even set the appearance to change with macOS. That's about it really, Unclutter is a simple app to use as it autosaves your clipboard history while you're using your Mac. You can move files around as you need to, and create notes as needed. You can also delete notes just as quickly as you create them, probably quicker. The files panel gives you a few more options you can choose from, however, they are just viewing preferences. I have to remind myself to use Unclutter sometimes as it is very easy to forget you even have it installed if you don't use it all the time. It hides that well above the top bar. Unclutter is definitely much better used by someone who needs to take a lot of quick notes, have quick access to some files, and/or needs to copy/paste a larger number of things. All of these are handled perfectly with Unclutter while maintaining a beautifully minimal clutter-free desktop.


The Good
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Hidden when you don't need it
  • Easy access to things you need

The Bad
  • A little limited in functionality
  • May be too expensive for some people
  • May be too well hidden

Unclutter is as simple as running the installation and you're up and running. Make some changes in the settings as you see fit, though you're good to go as soon as you install it. Unclutter runs on a license so there is a fee for Unclutter. Unclutter will set you back $20, which may deter some people for an app that's a simple as Unclutter. That's something you will need to decide for yourself, whether or not you think it's worth the cost. Unclutter is definitely something I will continue to use in the future as the ability to see the history of my clipboard is pretty great to use when writing my reviews. Sometimes I'm just searching some things online and I only want to jot a quick note that I don't on all my devices, I can use Unclutter for that. I've even had some files sitting around that I was tired of looking at, when I have that happen I now have Unclutter to put them in so I don't have to look at them all the time. I can see where this could become an invaluable app for some users, so check it out on Unclutter's website right here.

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