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Jul 5, 2008
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It seems to me that a mini golf game would work great with the iPhone. So I was excited to see the Mini Touch Golf game. Visions of putting through moving windmills entered my head as I downloaded the game.

The graphics in this game as pretty straight forward. Nothing mind blowing, but they suit the game pretty well. You have a basic overhead view of a minigolf field, able to view the entire hole by moving the field of view around with your finger. You can see the snad traps, water holes, and any other barriers in your path.

Game play is simple. To hit the ball, simply touch the ball, then drag your finger back, releasing when you want to take your stroke. The shot strength depends on how far you pull your finger back, and you are aiming in a straight line from finger to ball. This control is pretty easy to learn, and you can get adept at it pretty quickly.

The hole variation was well done - you had some of the "classic" style minigolf holes (including shooting through the dinosaur legs, and just normal hills and water traps). In addition, you had some holes that could only be done on a computer since they would be impossible in real life.

Now on to the bad. I found the game implementation very buggy. The game crashed on me about 4 or 5 times as I was playing. Turning my iPhone on and off seemed to resolve the issue, at least temporarilly, but it did crash once again since then. Also, there seemed to be a lot of bugs in the course design. In one hole, when I was supposed to go through a tunnel, somehow I made it on top of the tunnel, and couldn't get off.

Many of the shots seemed overly difficult - especially ones where you had to go up a narrow ramp. You had to make the shot perfectly - there didn't seem to be any margin for error.

This game has some potential, and right now it appears to be the only minigold game in the app store. According to the updates, the recently replaced all of the holes, so I am not sure what was there previously. Rather then replace the holes, I don't know why they didn't give us the option of choosing a different course.

It would be nice to see difficulty settings, and a multiplayer option. You do have the option to practice any given hole.

Pros: Nice, basic minigolf game, nice hole variety
Cons: Seems to be somewhat buggy, some holes are too difficult

All in all, if you like computerized minigolf, this is your only option right now. It did just go down in price last week (I bought it when it was $3.99) but I don't know if that is temporary or not. I would suggest waiting until they try to fix some of the bugs, or give you more options for courses. Two and a half out of five stars.

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