[REVIEW] Cyber Gadget Nintendo New 3DS Grip


Dec 25, 2011
A Controller For Your Controller?


When you buy a Nintendo 3DS you accept it at face value don't you? The device is its own controller right? Sure, it technically is, but what if I told you there was a better way? I ran across a video for other devices and saw they had controller style grips for them so I looked into it for my New 3DS. Sure enough, there it was. A controller style grip for my New 3DS. I couldn't find one exactly like I wanted, but the one I did buy was close enough. The Cyber Gadget Nintendo New 3DS Grip. It took a few weeks to ship since it came from Japan, and the packaging has a ton of Japanese text all over it as well. It has a very simple design, you just snap the body of your New 3DS into the grip and you're off. The back of the grip has a stand attached to it, which I have found to be quite useful many times. There is even a little lip over the charging port to protect your cable. Other than that, it has two little ledges for you to rest your middle fingers on so your index fingers are placed right by the shoulder buttons. The grip itself is covered in a soft rubber that feels rather slick out of the box. Don't fret, as you get grease and grime over them from usage they become much more grippy. While it took me a couple days to really get used to the feel of the grip, I can't see myself not using it anymore. It's just so much more comfortable to play games with.


As I mentioned there is a small adjustment period to using a controller grip for your New 3DS, however, it doesn't take too long. The only reason I looked into such a grip in the first place is that my hands would cramp up after a while playing games. That's always been the case when it comes to Nintendo handhelds though. I've always had smaller hands as well, which makes it even more impressive. I've never understood why Nintendo didn't make their handhelds more comfortable. It's so much nicer playing with the grip, I really can't stress that enough. It's designed so well, it really feels natural to use. I've been using this grip for over a week now and even when I have a lot of time to play games, I have yet to experience any cramping or fatigue. I can really just enjoy playing my games for as long as I'd like without worrying about when I'd have to take a break to un-cramp my hands.



The Good
  • Has a stand
  • Comfortable
  • Enjoyable to use

The Bad
  • Doesn't offer any real protection
  • Might be a little slick
  • A little expensive for a grip

If you like to play games on your New 3DS and have issues with your hands cramping or just don't find the New 3DS comfortable, the Cyber Gadget New 3DS Grip is a great option. It costs almost $22 on Amazon, but if you plan on playing games for years on your New 3DS, that's an easier pill to swallow. I really don't think anyone would regret buying a controller grip for their Nintendo handhelds. You can check out the Cyber Gadgets on Amazon right here.