Review: A pocket-sized speaker that doubles as a portable power bank


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Aug 27, 2021
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With due respect intended, the statement “This pocket-sized speaker delivers surprisingly bold bass and rich sound for a micro” should have ‘micro’ in bold. “Bold bass” on a micro speaker is not bold in any way in the non micro speaker market. I have what might be the “boldest” bass micro on the market from Sony. It’s very good…heavily emphasizing it is very good for a micro. Put up against my middling regular sized JBL Bluetooth speaker? The micro “bold bass” is a joke comparatively. And that’s not counting that the Sony at full volume will “bold bass” itself off a countertop. It simply doesn’t have the size/weight to remain stable when the bass gets bold. And That’s not even speaking to the sound volume level, loudness. It simply isn’t capable of loudness (the size/weight issue). If you pick up a micro in your hand and it’s light, be very aware the lightness will work heavily against these audio dynamics.
But if you REALLY check your expectations on a mini BT speaker, they can be good. Just do not expect bold bass and high volume like you’d get from a heavier standard size BT speaker. IME the difference is very substantial.

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