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Port Covered Cases???


New member
Oct 9, 2011
Anyone know of any port covered cases other than otterbox, iskin vu, and lifeprotect? Im getting the 4S this weekend need ideas...


New member
Nov 28, 2008
Sedio has one. There is also the Ballistic HC but if you don't like any of the ones you mentioned you won't like these. Just sayin'


New member
Jan 18, 2011
I think I'm going to order the iSkin Revo4 or the Solo UV...

I was going to mention the iSkin Solo Vu. I have the previous version for the iPhone 4. The kind that the iPhone slides into. They have since redesigned the case but it still has the port cover on the bottom. I love that about my Vu.

But if you get the Vu, get it from the iSkin site, not ebay or Amazon to make sure you get the newest version. The previous version like I have has issues where some of the TPU comes separated from the plastic backing. It did it on my first one, I sent it in for a replacement and now that one is doing the same thing. It appears they have fixed this issue with the latest re design.

It is a great case with a fantastic warranty:
iSkin solo vu: Best Stylish Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S