PingPongSolo: turn your iPhone to ping-pong racket


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Nov 19, 2013
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This scanty game everyone remembers from childhood and its iPhone version has played 200,000 people worldwide.
The most skillful players gets a gold ball. It opens on the achievement system , which we introduced into the game . Now compete with your friends on Game Center can not only on points, but in accomplishments.
Turn your IPhone on to the table tennis paddle.
At home and at work, on the street and on tuition – anywhere you can go back to his favorite sport and pump your management skill racket . And you do not need to go into the hall, to dress and look your opponent . Contestant on the game will be a little mischievous ball.
For people who are crazy about Ping Pong and can’t get enough of the sound of the ball bouncing off the table getting wacked back and forth , you get 3 different paddles and 3 different balls. Realistic sounds, colorful graphics and lounge music is all you need to keep you playing for hours.
Control every swipe with your hand. You can even shake it to power up your strokes. The emulator has never before been so realistic and exciting.
The ball bounces off the paddle at different angles depending on the slope. The goal of the game is to adjust the ball’s bounce for as long as possible.
Let’s see how you hold out.

What’s New in this Version:
New Kung Fu racket and a new golden ball. And if the racket is available for selection at once, for the right to own gold ball will have to be overcome.
The game appeared achievement system to make the process compete with friends even more fun.

How to find us:
The game’s official Twitter: @PingPongSolo
The developer is Anix LLC – twitter: @anixapps
Ask your questions on our site: Application feedback
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