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Nov 7, 2016
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Hi Rene,

iMore has posted on parental controls in the past, but as a parent (and Cyber professional) I find the current ecosystem for parental controls lacking.

There are many screen time apps, but all of them that I've looked at scramble apps grouped in folders after a block (due to issues with the MDM profiles used). Apps like OurPact have great promise, but the workaround isn't pretty and involves connecting the devices up to a computer and using a program to group apps together.

This is one of the big issues I have with the iOS ecosystem. Parental controls rely on Apple Family (which works well for controlling app installs) and restrictions (which has a 4-digit PIN that was declared insecure about three years ago by Apple themselves), but none of them give the same level of control you get with a Mac.

Microsoft family is certainly the benchmark, and even Google (who were way behind the curve and not even allowing kids to have Google accounts) are doing the same thing with their US-centric beta.

I've tried reaching out on twitter and email to the Apple management tier, but got nothing back.

Is it possible to create an article that compares the options available to parents wanting to keep their kids safe within the Apple ecosystem on iOS?

Areas of concern are:

App installs (already covered)
App use (apps scramble after a block)
Device use/Screen time (apps scramble after a block)

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