Panda Sweet Tooth HD for iPad


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Jan 9, 2013
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Collect berries, make jam, stay fit!

Run & jump to collect berries in this addicting new family friendly arcade blast!
Download Panda Sweet Tooth HD, and discover how funny, exciting and
entertaining this cute fast paced adventure is today. Panda Sweet Tooth HD is
perfect for children and adults alike, so put your reflexes to the test for free now!

Panda Sweet Tooth HD is the latest addicting arcade experience suitable for kids
and the whole family on iOS! This cool new game challenges players with helping
their furry animal hero - the panda - collect as many fruits and berries as it can,
get home safe, and make some delicious jam!

Panda Sweet Tooth HD supports multiple languages and features a full comic
style introduction that gives players a back story on panda, its family, and exactly why
it wants to make jam so much. To boot, in addition to the game’s free 5 levels,
gamers can unlock 25 extra levels and 5 new game worlds instantly via in-app
purchase too! Panda Sweet Tooth HD isn’t simply a funny family friendly iOS
distraction - it’s a cute and highly immersive gaming adventure!

Panda Sweet Tooth HD was made to be enjoyed by everyone in the family! It’s
straightforward enough for anyone to play but challenging enough to entertain any
level of gamer!

Here’s how you play Panda Sweet Tooth HD:

You have to keep your panda moving forward and keep it fit enough to continue
collecting berries as it passes them. To keep your panda slim and healthy you
must jump over delicious yet fattening bamboo shoots. If you run into them your
panda won’t be able to resist the urge to eat this tasty snack! Let your panda
have one too many bamboo lunches and it’ll get too fat to move - meaning game
over for you!

Panda Sweet Tooth HD is a classic side-scrolling game survival romp at its core,
offering fun “run and jump” action with a twist. An array of enemies comes into
play as players get further and further through the game. These critters are out to
steal your hard earned berries - and scaring them out of their wits might be the
only way to get past! Weary gamers might even get an occasional break in the
form of bonus mushroom. These valuable items have the power to slim down
fattening panda and keep it moving forward!

With 5 addictive family friendly levels to play through available for free as well as
many more accessible via simple in-app purchase, intuitive game controls, and
vibrantly whimsical cartoon graphics, Panda Sweet Tooth HD is one new mobile
adventure that’s worth gathering up!

The Game Features:

• Vibrant smooth graphics
• Global language options including:
o English
o German
o French
o & many more!
• Intuitive, fast paced ‘run & dodge’ gameplay
• Accessible, straightforward controls
• 5 progressively more difficult levels with a full comic style introduction for FREE!
• 25 additional levels and 5 new game worlds available via in-app purchase!
• Diverse enemies, obstacles, and bonus items
• Family friendly design with cute and comical elements

iTunes Link for iPad [FREE]:

Game Video:
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Jan 9, 2013
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Hi all! :)

Here are some Promo Codes for Panda Sweet Tooth Full (for iPhone):


Make sure to post what code you use, and please rate/review if you like! :)

Hope you enjoy the game!

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