Other visited Mac or Apple forums?


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Feb 19, 2009
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Well, I am getting quite bored with Appleinsider and their forums. They are getting horrible. MacNN is littered with I don't know what. I still like ArsTechnica forums.

Ever read the Engadget forums? Nothing but trolls and pre teens. If you even say anything remotely positive about the iPhone, you are labeled as a fanboy and ranked low. Gizmodo is a bit better, but still...

So where do you guys and gals go other than here? I actually quite like this place, and the Twitter community here is good too.


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Nov 28, 2008
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I will visit iLounge and MacRumors from time to time. They are not bad. I do not post there I just read the articles.

The only other place I go and post is Brighthand. That is mainly because I have been a member there for several years because of all the Palms that I have owned through out the years. The community has dwindled some of the last year or so because of the fact the PalmOS is dead. Most have moved on to other platforms but they keep coming back to discuss new things and toys. The fact that most of the regulars are older and more mature, keeps the trolls down. Nobody puts up with it. You can have a different opinion and though they may not agree with you, they are willing to discuss it in a civilized manner. The OT seems to be the most popular thread over there lately.