Ninja Scroller: The Awakening by Eageron®


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Apr 4, 2016
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Hey iMorers,

first of all I hope you are doing good. It was quite a busy time for us. We have released two games in one month. The last was A'ROUND that was featured 58 times on the App Store and now our new game: Ninja Scroller: The Awakening got featured 39 times. The game is a 2D-Pixel Side Scroller wrapped inside a retro design. This challenging game might not be for everybody but a must for retro fans. Games like the Revenge of Shinobi and other classic ninja titles were our inspiration.

Download here:

  • 3 Games Modes: Missions, Quests and Endless

  • 40 Intense Missions: Scrolls, Riceballs and Enemies

  • 3 Types of Secret Quests: Spionage, Supply and Ambush

  • Several beautiful pixel environments with different objects: Bamboo, Toriijs and Trees

  • Several fierce traps: bamboo traps, fire, granates and rockfalls

  • Several Power Ups and long range weapons



You are contracted by the Tokugawa Shogunate Government to fight the last sprawling armies of the House of Toyotomi.

Use your skills to swiftly rush through 40 intense missions in the pixelated forest and city rooftops, collecting scrolls, riceballs or just simply slashing fierce enemies! Use Power-Ups strategically, as well as your long range weapons!

Complete the secret quests of the Ninja: Spionage, Supply and Ambush in Easy, Medium and Difficult to satisfy your greed for gold.

At last compete with other Shinobis in the Endless Mode and show them that you are the best!

Looking forward to your feedback and we truly hope you enjoy this game!


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