Nexus 7 to iPad (I love it)


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Sep 22, 2012
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Purchased a Nexus 7 a couple of months ago, I liked it . . . When it worked. I went through multiple replacements before deciding to send it back completely and get a full refund. What I did with that refund is below . . .

I would just like to share that I just purchased my iPad 3 about three days ago and I absolutely love it. It does everything my laptop did for me but smoother and more portable. The browsing experience on this tablet is absolutely amazing. So is the keyboard, I am actually typing on this at about the same speed as I do on my laptop. I haven't touched my laptop since I got my ipAd (I'm looking to sell my laptop now). The battery life on this is amazing. AirPlay is incredibly awesome, ill be surfing the Internet and working on my website while I AirPlay my favorite political radio show to my Apple TV, it's awesome. I'll stream my YouTube videos to my tv in amazing HD quality.

This thing is just simply amazing. I can go on and on. The customer service when I bought the iPad was awesome.

I'll be making a full conversion to apple next year due to the way all of apples products speak to each other. Next on my list is the iPhone ( I currently own a Samsung Nexus) and then probably a MacBook Air (I currently own a 17 inch HP) sometime next year.

So I just wanted to share; and just to point out, I was an avid android fanboy just the other week . . . not anymore. Haha.
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Sep 23, 2012
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My iPad 3 Is On The Way

I have a similar story to yours but am keeping my N7, which replaced my original N7, when the screen cracked. Now I love my N7. Jelly Bean is a great OS but the Google hardware isn't quite up to the task. I was really getting tired of the screen losing its connectivity during a spirited game of "Angry Birds"

Also I came to the conclusion that a wi-fi only GPS also isn't all that much, when out of wi-fi range. While I still love my N7, and just played some Vector Pinball on it moments before writing this post, working a week with a massive amount of overtime, made the iPad 3 very affordable and mine is schedule to reach me on Wednesday.

Maybe we can form a support group for N7 users who made the switch.


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Jul 21, 2009
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I just realized this to this morning when my wife borrowed my laptop. I hopped on the iPad and I have been browsing the forums like normal. I love the way everything integrates.


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Mar 20, 2012
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In response to the idea of the iPad being a damn good laptop replacement...

For a while now, I've been contemplating desperately wanting a MacBook. I was actually planning on selling my custom built PC to fund my MacBook want. Till, I kind of came to a realization that, just about everything the MacBook can do, my iPad can do. In some cases even better, given the way it's being used.

Now, if only my iPad could appease my hardcore PC gamer need... One day... One day... :cool:

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