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New Problem With The Jet Black Finish (not scratching)


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Oct 2, 2010
I've had a Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus for a little while now and was extremely concerned about scratches based on early reviews, the Apple disclaimer, and viewing a demo unit in store before mine arrived.* I thought a case would defeat the purpose of the Jet Black color and would end up leading to micro-scratches from debris and dust getting between the case and the phone.* I figured the only way to not end up with scratches and still show off the phone was a clear wrap.

I quickly realized why I had not used a wrap in years - yes they're great at protecting from scratches but they can be a pain to install.* My first install had to be removed because the cut of the Slickwraps Naked had corner flaps slightly too long which caused overlap with the top section and very small creases. I noticed people were worried about removing a wrap or skin if they changed their mind so I recorded myself removing it to show that the phone is as good as new once removed.

This brings me to the new problem I discovered with the Jet Black finish.* It appears that the writing:
Designed by Apple in California...
FCC ID: ...

is applied on top of the Jet Black coating/finish.

The writing actually came off onto the clear Slickwraps just like pulling silly putty off of a newspaper comic strip.* If you're one of the people hoping to keep their phone in brand new out of the box condition this might cause a problem for you.* I don't know if the writing came off because the wrap is sticky or because it was a wet install meaning getting your phone wet then drying the phone could lead to the writing rubbing off.

I made a video showing the problem if you want to see for yourself:


I'm sure for some people this won't be a concern.* They might even want to purposefully remove the text because it makes the design cleaner with only the Apple logo, camera and flash on the back.


Mar 27, 2015
Thanks for the nice write up and it wouldn't bother myself much about the writing on the back coming off as long as Apple still warranties the device!


iPad Champion
Jan 25, 2014
It seems to me, if the wrap took off the lettering, than the lettering will likely come off just from normal use of the phone. Of course, it also makes me wonder if the OP just got a phone where the writing wasn't properly applied, it seems like the writing should be the same process as the Apple logo and it didn't come off.

I agree, it really shouldn't matter, unless you really care about the writing on your phone, other than it could possibly effect the resell value.


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Mar 31, 2016
It would be interesting to know if this is a widespread behavior or the user's unit was somewhat defective

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