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Jun 3, 2009
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Hi Guys,

Kavin here from kodu. We're a start-up based in UK founded by two students (Me and Namit) both currently studying at Imperial College London.

AFter 7 months in development, we just launched Movies Now! for the iPhone (Link to the app - iTunes Store), an application that features a beautiful UI and lets you browse all kinds of information regarding movies in cinemas and upcoming movies and the initial response has been really good.

We've got some awesome features packed into the app:
- You can buy movie tickets from within the app itself in 3 simple steps.
- Now! feature that lets you browse movie showtimes playing around you at a particular instant.
- Stunning poster view to browse movies
- Movie Tweets for instant and micro movie reviews and loads more.

As of now we only have support for the US. Support for UK & Canada are coming soon. We're trying to expand very fast so do let us know where you are and we'll add support for your country as soon as we possibly can!

If you guys have any suggestions whether its regarding UI, features or anything else I'd be very interested to hear from you.


We're already planning to add a lot more features in the app, few of which are stated below:

- Incorporating Facebook Connect so that all of you have the ability to let your friends know what movies you are interested in.
- Better Twitter Integration
- Links to IMDb Review.
- Movies Wish List, Movie Recommendations
- Horiztonal Poster View
- Ability to log-in to


You can also follow us on either of the following:
Twitter - Movies Now! (moviesnow) on Twitter or
Facebook - Movies Now! | Facebook

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