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Mountagon Kom

Dec 23, 2012
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Our new game King of Mercs is coming up in 2 weeks. If U look through the article and like it, why not join friends in and give as a like. We would send promo code for those liked our page. Remember, only 50 gifts ,first come, first serve.

As I usually do in my MMO experiences, I chose to start the game as a Spartan (though players also have the option of choosing an Athenian ,a Persian). The game offers plenty of pop-up tips for MMO newbies, though veterans of the genre will feel right at home with what King of Mercs Online has to offer.

Unlike most MMO?s, although the game spend me some time around tasks and challenge to upgrade. I will encounter many social features such as making friends and joining guilds for group tasks even guilds war when I'm familiar with the game. As you do you?ll engage in combat, earn experience, and spend attribution points to customize your character in any way you want. Since I tend to play solo more than in groups (a strange trait for an MMO gamer, I know) I?ve been putting most of my APs into Power that will deliver big damage and cover my own butt. If I were a more social gamer, I could have promote the HP/SP that would be of a big benefit in group play. Like any good MMO,King of mercs online is all about tweaking the character to my play style rather than the other way around.

One of the biggest challenges in bringing a PC-style MMO to a portable device is handling all of the menus and commands. Fortunately Joytouch have proven themselves the kings of making tricky control transitions to touch screens work. The main UI is simple and direct, sufficing for casual play as is. You're given several buildings of the screen, allowing you to quickly click and select. The player function menu button is retractable on the bottom left of the screen,allowing you to have a better user experience.

King of Mercs Online is a living breathing world ? lag free ? populated by real players looking to quest with you, trade with you, and welcome you into their guilds. From combat to crafting, nearly every level of play that you could want in a PC MMO is here, and it fits right in your pocket.

On the flipside though, there will no doubt be some MMO faithful that gripe about the things that don?t appear in King of Mercs Online. The class and race selection, for example, is limited to only 3 options right now. Also, some may say it's too simple to play with. And the servers feel a little overcrowded already. There are many quests that require HP/EP, meaning you have to seize a seat in kinds of Temples where you can recover 3times fast.You may find a dozen or more players hanging around waiting for the seat which makes it a game of "who can click the seat the fastest."

Especially in Zeus Temple where the stronger players PK for extensive EXP. Tons of players will contest for occupying this seat even several seconds. In this screen, you will experience the most cruel part of human nature. But these are all things that could (and likely will) be remedied in a future update.

The guild feature is the most exciting part of the game. It's where you belong to or your own creation. Hundreds of players may join the guild and undertake the guild tasks together for promotion and a position in ranklist. The president or the vice presidents may organize the troops to attend the Guild war regularly in a week. It needs real strategy and in-guild coordination because the rule is somewhat tricky-the winner will get 3 points,loser will get 1 point and only the active attack can be counted. This means even the weak guild members can rush up in crowds to actively attack the stronger at the same time and get 4,5 or more points when the stronger can fight back only one time for 3 points. Of course, daily communal and management is lack less.The guild leaders shall treat their army men as real soldiers, then you can expect they attend the battle actively and orderly.

King Of Mercs Online provide the players 3 chat channels to enjoy live interaction with bros and whole mercs. The world chat, with a giant horn , enables U to make important announcement to the whole world. The guild chat makes easy and efficient way to discuss strategy . Private chat helps U intimately contacting your friends.

This is utterly majestic, and pushes the bar way beyond what we would have ever thought possible on an iOS device. If you?ve ever considered yourself an MMO gamer, King of mercs Online is a must have for your collection.

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