NBA: Nonstop Basketball Action - (free Game) (iPad) (iPhone)


Oct 17, 2014
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Me and a friend of mine made this little game.

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"Nonstop Basketball Action" is a fast paced basketball game. The team with more points wins, other then that, there are no rules. You decide how you win. The hard play or the fair play. Opposition might have his own ideas about that. There are many features which help you win. Use eguipment to your advantage. Take a look at your players stats and boost them with items to suit your needs. There are also "Special Items", which are unlockable by completing achievements. These items give a boost to player stats and each item has an extra special ability to help you win. Also you should use the environment to your advantage. There are activities, which allow you to perform a nice dunk or simply evade the enemy. These activities might backfire sometimes, so use them at your own risk.
There are three game modes:
Bleedout- a game mode, where you have to "survive" as long as possible. The longer you "survive", the faster your score bleeds away. When you reach zero, the game ends. So having a nicely geared teammate at your side goes a long way.
Missions- is a game mode where you are confronted with incresingly difficult challanges. Where the first mission is basically a tutorial and the last is quite a challange. New missions will be added as free update.
Classic- mode consists of 6 matsches. You play against every other team, once on home field and once on theirs. The order in which you confront them is up to you. At the end, winners will be awarded handsomely.
There are Online Leaderboards, so you can compare your results with other players.
Have fun! Hope tou like it.

Link to store:

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