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Jun 6, 2008
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Everyone?s been dieing for some feature lists, and while I could list everything that this thing does, it?s pointless to list things that every IM application would have. As a result, here are a few things that stand out in the application:

* Server-side connection management
o All of your connections will be managed by our servers and as a result, your IM sessions will remain active regardless of your phone?s connectivity options. If you drop coverage or EDGE craps out on you, we?ll keep the connection live until you come back onto our network. This creates a lot of flexibility for those of you who still have terrible network coverage.

* Multiple Accounts
o Now all of your accounts can be online at one time. You can connect up to 10 accounts over varying networks simultaneously. That means you can have your 3 AIM accounts, your GTalk account and your 2 MSN accounts all connected from your iPhone.

* Buddy Icon Support
o Set your buddy icon from a picture in your photo library and see your friend?s icons too. A first for MobileChat!

* Profiles & Away Messages
o Set your profile and view your friend?s or set a personalized away message.

* ?Push Compatible?
o While we can?t enable Push notifications until Apple releases the service to developers in August (hopefully), we have built MC3 to take full advantage of push notifications as soon as they are offered. This will eventually allow you guys to get notified of new IMs even when you have the app closed!

* Instant Message a Phone Number
o Don?t want to waste those text messages on your plan? Just create a new IM and MobileChat will automatically display your contact list so you can send an IM to any mobile phone number. Once the message has been created, you can have a full ?SMS like? conversation without using any text messages.

* Buddy Alias
o Call them what you want in MobileChat 3. If you want xoangelcutie93810xoxoxo to show up as ?Tanya?, that won?t be a problem.

Like I said, it?s not the best feature list, but this does highlight some of the serious improvements of MobileChat 3.

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