Mobile Nations Ultra Thin Skin Case Review (7 Plus)


Dec 25, 2011
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To be perfectly honest, this case blew me away. I liked it so much better than I thought I would. There’s really not a lot to be said about it. The Mobile Nations Ultra Thin Skin case is just, a really thin clear case. All the cutouts are perfect, and the buttons covers are no hinderance at all, though I would prefer more solid feedback. My case came in and looked a little oily though, and there was nothing to be done about it, I even tried washing it. The very first thing I noticed however was the amount of grip it offered. I didn’t know it was possible for such a thin case to offer that much grip. I did have to stretch the case slightly to install it the first time because it has such a tight grip. What I have noticed over time is the case has loosened a little and dust will get underneath the case. If you have a Jet Black iPhone, I probably wouldn’t get it. The nice thing though, is that you can just run the case under some water and dry it with any towel and all the dust is gone, you’re good to go. I’ve also noticed that as the case has loosened a little that I have tendency to slide it away from the phone on the right side, even more so in landscape orientation, though I blame that more on myself than the case.


The Good
  • Ultra thin clear case
  • Great amount of grip
  • Cleans easily

The Bad
  • Zero phone protection
  • Dust will get under the case
  • Case loosens up over time



I use this case as a daily driver mostly, though I switch cases a lot, this one stays on a lot more than others. I would say barring any Jet Black iPhone, if you don’t like cases, and just want add some grip to your phone and see the color, get this case. It really is a steal of a case at $8. I would highly recommend this case all day to anyone.

You can buy the Mobile Nations Ultra Thin Skin Case from the iMore Store.