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'Mobile audio has to improve'


Nov 15, 2013
While screen densities and technologies like Apple's Retina HD display are approaching ludicrous levels, many phones and tablets still provide lackluster audio at best.
It's like trying to enjoy a movie with half your senses tied behind your back. But is home theater quality sound possible on mobile? Bob Borchers, chief marketing officer at Dolby Laboratories, writing on [LinkedIn(https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/problem-movies-mobile-hint-its-screen-bob-borchers):
Some people think that mobile devices are doomed to have lousy audio because of their small speakers and the fact that so many people listen with inexpensive earbuds. But great audio is possible on mobile devices. We can even implement Dolby Atmos, our technology that can place and move sounds anywhere around you, including overhead, on mobile devices.

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