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Nov 25, 2003
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Um... did i miss something....

While "flicking" through contacts looks cool, is it going to be quick and easy to find someone, or will you spend you life watching them fly by?

And texting, obviously threading looks good, but it doesn't look like there is much space for viewing the message you're typing... Cool, but practicle?

No IM..? There is texting, but what about IM? Will this work with iChat? Come on Apple, no camera on the front for wireless video iChat on your phone? And lets not even start on Skype and MSN for it.

A UK model in 2007? I certainly hope so but won't hold my breathe... And of course even if there is, the video is a bit useless as we still can't buy films or TV shows on iTunes yet. Unless you download them or record them yourself on EyeTV...

Navigation... I guess this is up to TomTom to write the software to do it... But I'm guessing it might be a while...

Battery life... Yes, look at them seperately it is fine, 16 hours here, 5 hours there and there... But after a day listening to my iPod and a couple of calls... A long train journey to a meeting watching video on the way and you can forget making that important call...

No 3G.... Do I even need to bother? In the UK we don't have EDGE, so we are stuck with GPRS... Web pages will look amazing in Safari, but take 2 weeks to load...

As many other people have said:
- business users will have fun, no document viewing, questionable Exchange syncing...
- And Mac users with Exchange who use Entourage, lets not even go there....
- No sign of whether the Calendar app will be useable, will someone please give me a decent week view out of the box?
- The on screen keyboard looks "interesting" and will wait to try one before I write it off ;)
- 2 mega pixel camera is not great, especially with no flash, and no sign yet of what the camera/video app will be capable of.

And yet... I am still in love with... How does Apple do this to me? It is the sexiest gadget I have seen.... maybe ever? The screen, the simplicity, the new technology (sensors and stuff)... With Europe release in 2007 Q4, I know what I'll be asking Santa for next Xmas... (maybe the Wii will be in stock by then, so I can have both!)

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