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Nov 23, 2012
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Hey guys,

My friends and I have been working on this game for awhile, check it out and tell us what you think! :) I'm definitely open to all forms of feedback!

In Lumigon, you are immersed into the hauntingly beautiful world of Vanster, a place once known as paradise, now filled with dreary roads and wild creatures awaiting you at every corner. Help Pina and Purumi maneuver through countless obstacles as they search for the missing pieces of the shattered moon, all while saving the world from "The Darkness".

Breaking away from other "endless runners", Lumigon features a narrative game play through Story mode combined with a unique power-up system. Collecting Lunas, the main resource of the game, will allow you to perform "Combos", devastating abilities used to pummel your enemies into submission all while gaining extra points for every one that is disintegrated.

Survival mode are for the fans of classic endless runner games. Strive and continually beat your previous score, or better yet, beat your friends over Facebook! Lumigon invites all who'll enjoy a quick minute of fun in this timeless adventure.

Features include:
* Grab all the Lunas and advance Purumi through his five different forms.
* Play 'Story mode' and unravel the mystery behind the shattered moon, or compete with your friends on Facebook with 'Survival mode'
* Collect Lunas of the same color to activate the 'Flamethrower' or 'Bubble shield' special ability.
* Acquire the 'Flame Dash' and 'Dragonfire Charge' power-orbs to turn Purumi into a burning behemoth, blow up everything in your way!
* Become a Luna magnet! Or how about a shining beacon of light? Why not walk through different dimensions altogether?
* If you can't beat them? DESTROY THEM! Unleash Purumi's ultimate ability, the 'Purumi Blitz'

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