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Is it time for a new iOS home screen (Springboard)


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May 9, 2011
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Can you imagine if someone made a phone that you didn't have to charge for days?? They do, it's called a jitterbug, it doesn't have any battery hogging features, and I don't ever want one..

The Razr Maxx its full of features and last for days! Its tops on the market today.


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Jan 11, 2011
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I don't see Apple ditching the Springboard. Judging from Lion it becomes even more prevalent. Not to mention the millions of pitchforks that will be sharpened Apple actually did it.

What I see happening is we get more layers of functionality (like the switcher and Notification Center). Perhaps Mission Control?


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Apr 13, 2012
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The current iOS home screen looks pretty much as it did back in 2007. Sure they've added fast app switching and notification center and folders, but the basic paradigm is still the same - an icon launcher, like Palm had a decade ago.

Is iOS 6 time for something new? And if so, what would you like to see? Something more like webOS cards (Safari pages), like Ice Cream Sandwich for Android? Or something totally new?

Total Siri?

Definitely not "total Siri". I have no problem using my hands to control my phone. The only use I would have for voice control is when, for example, I'm driving.

Other than that, what others have already said: Themes without jailbreaking and the ability to put the app icons anywhere in the grid I want.


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Aug 5, 2011
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4x1 folder/live tile/widget

Right now what Android users enjoy are widgets, but they are locked into usually one app. That's great, but an inefficient use of space.

Windows Phone users benefit from a live tile, also a beautiful implementation, but still only one app.

I would love to see a live tile/widget that takes up 4x1 of real estate that has four apps as a part of it. The functionality would be to have a few different views.

One view would be showing one apps information in the live tile with a swipe to reveal the next app in the widget and it's corresponding information. Once you see the one you want, simply tap to open the app.

Another view would be to show all four apps information at once and you can tap that corresponding 1x1 spot to open the app.

I would not want the live tile/widget to switch automatically, that's inefficient and some users would think they had to wait to see and select that information. Also it takes my eyes away from my surroundings for too long. The stock setting should be a swipe to reveal the next app.

Another aspect would be to show what is in the live tile/widget by tapping on the farthest right 1x1 spot to reveal the folder contents. From here you can add/remove content like you do now with folders in iOS. The reason to use the furthest right spot is that for most people (right handed users) it makes that the hardest location to tap accidentally. Another implementation would be to simply long press the folder, like we do now to get the wiggly function.....perhaps that would be better. Not sure.

Another thing that needs to be added is a settings icon for the live tile/widget inside the folder. You can choose what you want the live tile/widget to show. This would need to be added here as another 1x1 'app' labeled 'tile settings'.

What does everyone think of this? It's what's missing in every OS in my opinion.
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Jul 3, 2010
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I recently switched to a Galaxy Nexus for something "different". It has been great for about a week. ICS does certain things quite well (allowing integration with more apps, like for sending photos for example), or widgets obviously and the customization abilities. Placing icons anywhere is nice. But after about a week I picked my iPhone 4S back up, and the smoothness of the UI, the consistency of the interface, the SPEED at which it responds.

Despite a "stale" UI I still find I can do most things more quickly and smoothly in iOS. Spend a week away from an iPhone and you realise just how well apple has refined the user experience. I missed ios and my iPhone. Now I'm not sure I want to use ICS again ;)

With that said I still hope Apple refreshes iOS 6 substantially to raise the bar yet again in UI design.
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Dec 11, 2011
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I don't think there is anything wrong with the current home screen, besides the fact that it doesn't support landscape view on iPhones or iPods. Small tweaks would be nice, but the homes screen isn't the big issue with iOS.

I really just want to see overall improvement in the area of getting stuff done quickly. It seems like the OS holds us back from what we want to do a lot of the time. Settings is a good example.

I want the settings app to be accessible no matter where you are in the OS so that you don't have to stop what you are doing, scroll through pages of settings until you find what you want to change, pull up the fast app switcher, and go back to what you were doing.

It would be cool if the settings app was put to rest, and instead have all the settings in Notification Center. They could be accessed by swiping to the right when you have the notification tray pulled down (Like Spotlight Search on the home screen.) This would include some quick toggles at the top for the stuff you toggle the most. Quick toggles like SBSettings have been on my wishlist for a while now. Then there would be all the other settings below that. That would be a good way to fix the multi-step process I mentioned above.

Just a thought. :)
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Aug 8, 2010
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All are valid wants. We need full customization of the home screen, including widgets, themes, and a customizable notification center.


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Feb 3, 2012
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Cards like in webOS would be awesome, but it'll never happen unless apple gets their collective heads out of their a$$es and realizes they aren't really the kings of innovation they make themselves out to be. Basically the same stale UI since '07 (except fast app switch and the NC) - no thanks, I'll JB and control my phone the way I want. Thanks tho.

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