iphone 4S error!!!

Ashfaque Ahamed

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Jan 13, 2013
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Hello i use an iphone 4Sjailbroken 5.0.1 OS, I bought it from my friend last month and he was using his network provider by 'sam' software. my provider was not the same and it was not taking the network even after doing 'sam' procedures. I read from some blog , to update the sam as the solution for this and uninstalled it from cydia in order to update it. After removing , by accident i clicked 'restart springboard' and phone ended in Activation screen. Again after reading some blog , I came to know we can by pass the activation screen by removing the setup app from application using a i-filebrowser. After doing this i get only a black screen with apple logo - please help how to get rid of it.when i click home and sleep button together i can hear screen shot tool working at this mode.
I also am not able to restore the ios using itunes

Please help , thanks a lot in advance

If i am at the wrong place , please guide me how to start a new thread --> I am new to this forums n stuffs , thanks


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Nov 6, 2011
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Wow dude.

Just wow!
I read on the Internet how to build a bomb. I didn't go out and build one though...

Unless you have the setup.app saved in the recycle bin of your computer and can put it back exactly where you took it from I'm pretty sure you are looking at a restore as new from itunes.....
If iTunes will even be able to access your device....
Which I imagine it will...
So try to find that file (entire setup aplication) you deleted, by any means necessary.... And put it back!!!
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Jan 11, 2011
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Before taking the iTunes plunge I'd also suggest you run redsn0w's jailbreak - just don't check "Install Cydia" since you already have it. It just might hacktivate the phone.