Invisible Shield by ZAGG (Full Body) Review


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Jun 7, 2011
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I have decided to drop the case because the iPhone 4 is too nice to be cooped up inside one and should go naked. Since going naked means no protection, I looked around and found a full body screen protector. The application of the ZAGG was nice and easy but you have to wait at least 12-24 hours to let it dry properly. I am quite surprised that it looks like if i don't have anything on the phone.
It's truely Invisible.

Whats your opinion, do you own this amazing case?


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Jan 18, 2011
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I had one on my white iPhone 3GS and it fit kind of funky because of the curved back. I assume the fit on the 4 and 4S would be much much better.

The problem I had was that the material used for the shield eventually turns a light yellow/brown and on a white iPhone it becomes very noticeable. It makes the phone look dingy and dirty looking. The good news is that ZAGG has a lifetime warranty so when that happens you can get a new one from them b sending your old one back (plus cost of shipping).

Side note: I emailed ZAGG customer service once and asked them about the yellowing and if there was anything that could be done about it. There reply was that there was nothing to be done. It is the nature of the material. But feel free to get a warranty exchange.


Oct 12, 2011
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Like above, I also had a full body protection for my iPhone 3GS (black).
Application was complicated since it was my first time but there was no air bubbles after 24-48 hours.
One problem I did have is the side protection are starting to come off.
The bottom area near the plug and the speakers are accumulating dust which causes the Zagg thing to no longer stick and continue to come off.
It is still hanging in there though. But luckily Zagg offers lifetime warranty so you can replace it if you send yours back.
As for the screen protection, I feel like its good but when I tried the Anti-Glare that my cousin had, it was so much smoother.
So I would say Zagg is a good choice but for my next iPhone, I will be going with a bumper and Apple's Anti-Glare screen/back protectors.

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