Inheriting a 2G (1st Gen) phone w/ OS 2.0 - already jailbroken - how to upgrade?


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Jun 30, 2009
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Hello all,

I'm a Newbie and I appreciate any guidance.

Later this week, I'm inheriting a 2G (1st Gen) iPhone that's running OS 2.0. It is already jailbroken and unlocked and will still have all my brother's Apps and data on it

On my PC, I'm running iTunes on a machine with Windows XP that has never had an iPhone plugged into it before.

I'd like to "clean the slate" so to speak as it currently has all my brother's data on it, and at the same time, upgrade the OS to version 2.2 or maybe even 3.0? (At this point, I'd like to go with whatever is the most stable).

I hope to run the phone on a (US) T-Mobile plan (including using their Internet plan for data.)

There is so much information out there, that I'm very concerned about fouling this up - if someone could steer me to the best instructions for me, given all of the above, I would greatly, greatly appreciate it.

Many, many thanks.


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Dec 30, 2008
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do you need to keep his data?

i would recommend running the restore in itunes, which should wipe it and install 3.0

then use redsn0w to re-jailbreak and unlock the phone.