ICloud Drive/photos needs work


May 9, 2014
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Hey guys. I didn't see a post for this but if there is I am sorry. I just downgraded my iCloud Drive storage from 200g to 20. Why? Because drive as a way to go and photos are a mess.

Am I the only one who thinks photos have been put in an even worse flux than before? The main problem is management. With iOS 8 camera roll is no longer an album for photos taken its a recent folder (regardless of its name change in 8.1) not only that but if you activate iCloud Photo Library, your photos sync between iOS devices but no management on Mac or windows. The way I would see it should work is that photos are stored in a photos folder in iCloud Drive and photo apps use that destination and its structure to make albums ect in photos. However, it doesn't work this way and if it does, it's not accessible to us. If this was the case we could have access on macs and pc as well as easily move photos from desktops. Basically the main problem is even less collaboration between desktops and mobile as far as photo management. The other problem is that, by changing the camera roll from a folder where photos could be moved to and from it becomes a far more complicated task to arrange photos into albums because you can't simply move or copy and delete photos from this album. This means if you have 100+ photos you haven't organized you have to keep track of what's in an album and what is not. I used to delete the camera roll images after copying them to an album. Made life easier. In all, photos are a mess and need some work.

As far as iCloud Drive goes, there's no app. Also, it would be nice if our music could be stored on iCloud as well. I know there's iTunes Match but if I'm paying for 200 gb of data shouldn't I be able to use some of that space for storing and listening to my music?

Apple has touted using less space on devices but from my understanding you cannot fully have photos on the cloud and not device. I'm unsure how this will work when desktops have photo management, but as of now it is limiting. Same with music.

With that said, my 200 gb space was wasted money because my photos can't be accessed on all devices and my music can't either. Also many apps still don't support document picker so not all files can be managed as simple as one would like.

There are Three simple solutions
- an app for iCloud Drive.
- photos being managed in a special folder
- music being managed in a simple folder.

If Apple doesn't want to use special folders than it at least needs to make it easy to sync media across all devices. And, as much as Apple hates it, it needs to be complete cross-platform, otherwise other services will still be better.


Oct 2, 2013
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Sounds like you've got a mess. I'm going to let someone else more organized than me straighten it out. I will say I'm not thrilled with iCloud Drive either. I don't use it for much of anything. I have it enabled. That's it. I use Box, Dropbox and OneDrive for photos, videos, gifs, and PNG images. I use iCloud Photo Sharing some, and I back up my phone to iCloud. But I don't use iCloud Photo Library or My Photo Stream. All that takes too much of my iCloud storage space. I want free. I get 82 gb of free storage with the apps mentioned. All 3 are cloud based.

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Oct 10, 2014
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I'm concerned that IPL will still function more as a syncing service rather than a storage solution. Without the ability to selective sync folders to devices, it largely defeats the purpose IMO.

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