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How to export whatsapp history from iPhone 4s into viewable file in desktop?


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My iPhone broke (datacable connection socket is out so that's that and battery life is 20%)

I've been trying to get my whatsapp history into any kind of viewable (so I can verify it with desktop and transfer to android) format.

Thus far I've managed to send 200mg or so to iCloud but I cannot find the info with desktop browser since I do not know where it is hidden.

I've googled different solutions that do not require "weird" apps and the most clear info is found here

Method 1: Method 1: Transfer Whatsapp Chat History from iPhone to Android Phone Using Email Chat
-No such "email chat" option in iphone --> whatsapp --> settings -->chatsettings

Method 2: Transfer WhatsApp Chat History from iPhone to Android Phone Using Backup.
-Haven't been able to verify that the backup is intact and actually there (in icloud), so not doing whatsapp uninstall or anything rad like that on iPhone before verified. THIS is the main issue thus far or method 2 might actually work. So how to verify that everything is in iCloud?

Method 3: Connecting with datacable and doing manual backup
-Datacable connection socket in iPhone is broken, hence I need to do this in the first place.

Method 4?

Ty for help :)