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Jun 9, 2009
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I did the same thing...well sorta.. I still have my BlackBerry as I'm a mod over at CrackBerry but I picked me up a White 16gig. I may just have to leave my berry in the night stand!;)


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Jul 2, 2009
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hi there- i have also dumped my bb. i do have a few comments on the iphone.. i posted it earlier, but perhaps it was in the wrong section?

Hello All-
I am a brand new iphone owner- i still haven't divorced my blackberry, however, we are separated.

Couple of things on my mind...

As a business user, i dont understand why apple doesn't have a general last look-over spell check option. I like the fact that i dont need to look at the keyboard any longer with apple's intelligent typing. However, i cant understand why i must worry that i may send an important email with incorrect spelling.. Its just a precautionary that so much to ask?

Secondly, the battery life isn't that good. I haven't yet been able to retire to sleep and not noticed that i am under the 10% battery life..

Third, searching a contact and then calling them requires more that three steps. With the bb, it was one.. All you needed to do was enter in any combination of text. Scrolling over the desired name would display the stored numbers. Press send, and whala - your waiting for you party to answer.

And finally, why isn't there a app or program like BB messenger. It was so convenient to communicate- having the capability to see if your mess was delivered, and subsequently read. To top it all off, there was no cost to this method of communication. No text charges or the like. Perhaps an app that can tie in iphoners to bbmessengers.... What apple may find is an overwhelming switch from bb to iphone...

These are most of my issues with the iphone. Any comments?

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