Help me out please! Wi-Fi problems


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Jan 19, 2018
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I am from Denmark, so I wrote a long text in danish to put on a danish forum, but there wasn't anyone to help me there. I tried to write it in English as good I can. It might be hard to understand.

My Iphone 7 128GB, IOS 11.2 (15C114) that is only four weeks old, could not connect wifi for 2 weeks. When I go to settings on the homepage, I can access the "Wi-Fi icon" located just below the "Flight Feature Icon" and just above the "Bluetooth Icon". When I click on the icon, I come to one option, which says "Wi-Fi", and from there it's a gray thing that I usually can swipe to the page where it usually turns green . BUT, I can not hit the little gray thing, and no matter how much I press it, it will not turn green. It just stays gray where I can not do anything.
When I swipe up the control panel from the bottom of the screen where I get the ability to turn on Airplane mode, Mobile data, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, I can not turn on Wi-Fi, I can not hit it again. And the icon has got a line over and has become more dark gray one of the three other icons.

I can not software update or back up my Iphone because my Wi-Fi does not work. My Iphone says, therefore, that it has not been backed up for 2 weeks, which is the 2 weeks where I've had the problem. In addition, I've also used almost all my mobile data because I can not get on Wi-Fi. And it will be especially a problem when I should travel out of the country soon and I would really like it to work there.

What I've tried to make it work is to reboot my Iphone several times, by holding down the "home button" and the "power button" all the way by holding down the "turn down volume" button and the "home button" down at the same time. I have also read that I can reset the "network settings", where I have also done THREE times.

NOW, I do not know what I can do more, so please HELP me out, thanks in advance.:)


Mar 11, 2013
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If you have access to an Apple Store I would recommend you take it to them it might still be under warranty