[GUIDE] How To Rectify An Installed App That Crashes When Launched Or Working In It


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Jan 14, 2011
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How To Rectify An Installed App That Crashes When Launched Or Working In It

We have ALL experienced this one time or another. We have ALL installed a new App or an updated App and launched it only for it to immediately crash or you are in the middle of a social App Like Twitter and down it goes.

I am not going to make this a long guide but more of something we are asked all the time as the title of this guide suggests. As a matter of fact it is a quite frequently asked question so lets gets to it...

photo 1.PNG

Let's just start with a few screen screen shots to show you the diversity of the apps this can happen to and this happens to be my Panel 1 above

photo 2.PNG

This is Panel 2 above on my phone so as I stated you can see the diversity of what anybody can have and this can happen to.

We are using Twitteriffic as an example app only!

photo 3.PNG

Ok now this happens to be MY favorite social app although a crash can happen to any app. Having said that There was an an update to this app several days before I wrote this and I had it crash on Launch. I love Twitterrific and it is my favorite social Twitter app.

So what do you do when this happens - This is the easy part and works 90% of the time given the benefit of the doubt. There is not much in this guide to show so please follow the simple steps:


  • You updated or installed a new App and it Crashed
  • First thing to do is hold down the app on your iDevice until they all start to shake and delete the crashed app.
  • Very Important to me: Hold down the home and power button to reboot your phone as any software you are bound to have fragmented or bad files that caused the crash so let's clean them out before we reinstall.
  • You just restarted your phone and go back into the App Store and find your App and reinstall it, You will not lose anything other than if it was set up for fast sign in.
  • I add One More Step that many don't but I do one more restart before I open the app.
  • Now relaunch your app and sign back in and there is a very good chance be it a bad install or something written in the app made it crash and now you just fixed it. I have never had to do this more than once and has always fixed my App and no more crashes.

This is a very basic step but very frequently asked throughout the forum so I felt it might be time to share this experience with others that have had this happen. Next time it happens at least now you will know what to do. Good luck and happy socializing or whatever you may be using your apps for.

Written Entirely Using Evernote!


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