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Oct 1, 2008
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I just downloaded X-Plane which is a fantastic flight simulator game that is not only realistic but is a very high fidelity game with no jittery movements and has instantaneous reactions to input. The graphics are high resolution and the aircraft can interact with the scenery (flying nap of the earth within gullies, mountains and valleys). The simulated plane reacts very similarly to an actual aircraft. I am a pilot and have worked at a flight simulator company (large commercial and military flight simulators) so I really know how good this is.

This is just to point out that the iPhone has amazing crunching power and memory capacity. So...with all that said, is there some software architectural reason why there is no global search for the iPhone. A 'global search' means that a search for a user defined word looks for all occurrences of the word in all fields of various programs such as Calendar and Contacts on the iPhone. This capability is standard on Palm Treos and it is VERY useful for remembering dates, people etc. Any ideas why it doesn't yet exist on the iPhone? If you download Google onto the iPhone, and search for a name, the search will first look for that word in your contact names before going to the internet. However, Google search doesn't look at other fields on the iPhone which is interesting because when using Google on my PC, a search will look through my entire computer within a second and identify all occurrences of a particular word on my hard drive. This is leading me to believe that there is in fact an architectural limitation on the iPhone. Thoughts?

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