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Nov 30, 2012
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Hi everybody! First time over here in iMore.
My usual hang out would be wpcentral so bare with me here. Getting my dad a xmas pressy and he has an iPhone 3gs. Now this house is a tech house and my dad knows more than i do about computers and general tech even tho I just finished 5 years of collage for game dev. There is an xBox, Pc in the kitchen on W7, Pc in his room on W8, Pc my room running W8, Laptop that has W7, Mac book pro, and Mini mac in the living room for media, Galaxy tab 2... So we aren't tied into one eco system. We both respect apple (since the days of the 90's when they were the only thing people used for sound and CGI, Pc's and macs never used to take each others peices of the pie.... I miss that respect... Versatility: pc... Pro media and graphic design: mac) but, but we use the pc's alot more due to the amount of random software we use... that and games of course. Sorry for that but basic story.

Now I was thinking of buying an iPhone 5 for xmas, An article mentioning the iPhone 5 16 gig said it was $650 unlocked from apple made me think about it... Now i live in Ireland so i was expecting an exchange rate of some sort for the Irish apple store. Maybe €600 from $650 would of been ok even tho its a crap exchange rate... No... no no... €680... that is $890, or to put it the other way americans pay €510 euro vs our €680.... That just leaves a real bad taste in my mouth thinking that its $240 more for no reason.
Now for the sake of an example the 64 gig version is $849 in the U.S. but €899 here, that is $1,170....

Now before some of you think i'm trolling my real question is: Is that worth it? i mean i feel like i'm gettin shagged... I would buy him an s3 or htc one but he dislikes big phones so thats that gone. And while nothing would make me happier than to buy him a wp8 device (i own 920) I'll be the first to say the app list ain't good. and knowing the app's he uses, i'd say half aren't on wp8.
also i have to put price into another context. The GSIII and HTC One X and Lumia 920 are all 599 here so its not like they the only ones, but by far the worst.
So should I swallow hard and go for it.... Is it worth the extra cash i know i'm paying even tho i have no choice? would you the iphone fans pay that?
Please help....
Thanlk you


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Apr 28, 2009
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Would it be cheaper to get him the 5 on contract? Or is there some reason you need an unlocked model?


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Oct 11, 2011
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Keep in mind that regardless what you pay your well kept iPhone 5 will hold good value should you decide to sale it used later on. That's apple for you...iPhones have great resale value.

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