Get another InvisbleShield ?


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Nov 28, 2008
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Morning all!

Got my iPhone 3G yesterday and have just loaded it up with all sorts (loving the thing !!)

I got a InvisibleShield, and attempted to fit it this morning (bad idea as I was almost in a rush to get to work).
Having read some other comments on the IS, I think rushing it was bad. I also noticed my instructions are different e.g there's no mention of going to the website to see a demo, and no mention of cleaning the device.

I found it very fiddly (again, probably because I was in a rush) to fit, but got both parts on. There are some specs of dust and the odd hair or two under the shield, and where I hadnt taken time to fit it (thought it would be easy ish as I do a similar thing with graphics and mounting them), I wasnt able to align it all up properly as I thought the spray would allow for movement before squeeging (sp) the dampness out?

... anyway ... there are some bits of dust and lint collecting on different parts, but after a days use no parts of the IS have come away or peeled off (it's been in and out me pocket all day), so should I perhaps buy another IS and take time (and clean the phone first) to fit it ?
I can't see this one being a problem for now as nothing can scratch it, and any dust that gets in will get cleaned off when/if I fit another



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Mar 27, 2005
No matter how good you put it on it will never look perfect. And if you are picky like me it will never look good. I learned not to waste my money on those so called "shields"...


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Sep 2, 2008
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I've had my iPhone 3G for six months now and for the first month or so I had a silicon skin and screenguard fitted. However the skin was an el cheapo one of fleabay and it started to stretch, so I binned it after a month. I also got fed up of the screenguard smearing and rainbowing the screen so I took that off as well.

So, for five months my "naked" phone has been in and out of my pocket thousands of times, on various desks, in a car holder, on the dashboard, on the floor, you name it. Everywhere a phone can go (without medical intervention), it's been.

How many scratches do I have on my screen?

None at all. Not one. Not a single mark. This thing is TOUGH. Don't believe me? Be brave, take out your car keys, rub them on the screen. My mates still wince when I do it, and I think it'll take being scratched with a diamond ring to make a mark on the glass used because keys have no effect at all.

And on the back? A slight scuff to the chrome Apple logo, and another slight scuff across the "8GB" symbol as these two areas are the only part of the phone case to contact a hard surface. No other scratches or marks to the plastic - again, this is TOUGH.

I also have no marks on the chrome bezel, no scratches on any of the buttons, and other than it STILL being a fingerprint magnet (which a tub of Poundland screen wipes take care of very nicely) it looks almost as good as new.

Trust me guys, this phone isn't going to fall apart if you take it out of a case or don't wrap it in bubblewrap. Apple did their homework well when selecting the materials they used.


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Jul 30, 2008
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I will concede that the screen protector is not necessary, but I am keeping the silicone skin on mine to guard against "the driveway drop". I am sure the iPhone is tough enough to withstand the typical pocket environment, but I have dropped smart phones in parking lots before and I would hate for my iPhone to hit the asphalt naked.


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Nov 11, 2008
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I put on my first full body IS a couple months ago. Got it about perfect but I made sure I had plenty of time. I did get one small hair under the back piece but it doesn't bother me.

A couple tips:

Spray the large pieces with 5-6 squirts from the bottle. And then hit the non adhesive side 2 times once you have it positioned on the device. I did just a screen IS on my Treo a year ago and didn't lube the adhesive side enough to get is positioned perfectly.

Use the palm technique they show on the video. I follwed this exactly and my corners are nice and tight!

The back piece is a little difficult. I used the hole around the camera as the guide to line the piece up. Don't freak outif the back piece does not lay down perfectly when you're smoothing it out. Also, I had a several bubbles in mine on the back piece that smoothed out after about a week and now it looks perfect.

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