From iPhone to Curve and back; when will Germany likely see new iPhone


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May 9, 2009
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I am new to the forum and have a question.

We currently live in the US, and I bought an iPhone 3G almost two months ago to replace my 1 year old Centro. I was terribly frustrated that 1st day with the lack of a physical keyboard and in haste took the phone back the next day. The sales guy was very nice and sold me a Curve. I really wish he would have talked me into keeping the iPhone for a week or two to see if I would get used to it ;)

Although I love typing on the Curve's keyboard, I really don't like the rest of the phone that much at all. I am a stay-at-home homeschooling mama and don't need my emails 24/7. I do, however, need to be online quite a bit and love all of the educational apps there are for my girls! From Day 2 I wished that I had kept the iPhone. I even bought an iPod Touch to help!

Anyhow, I just found out that we will be moving to Germany mid-June. T-Mobile carries the iPhone there and I plan to sell my Curve and iPod Touch and get a new iPhone. Does anyone know when the iPhone is likely to be released in Germany? Will it be June/July time frame like in the US; or is the US first, followed by other countries? I won't be able to wait long, as I will need a cell fairly soon after we get there.

Thanks for your help!

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