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Jun 1, 2009
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So this is more of a rant than anything but I felt like I deserve to say it, after yesterday.

So yesterday was a big day, having the launch of the new OS. I was fortunate enough to get it before the masses hit the servers and took it down yet again for a consecutive year (c'mon apple get on that). Just so happens I made a few new buddies on hear due to our Midnight to 11 am wait for the software launch. Thanks all.

Overall I'm pleased with the new OS, with of course the exception to the omissions that come standard in the new 3Gs, but oh well can't do much about that.

Where I did fall to being upset about it was the fact that reading reports of people on Rogers having seamless start up for MMS and tethering and Fido not having this. Somewhat upsetting considering the fact that they are running of the same system and there website stated that these two functions (the primary reason I was excited for 3.0) would be working on Launch day.

It was with my first phone call to fido to ensure MMS was on and working that I found out that tethering was not live until the 19th, due to the hardware launch. I found this a bit puzzling, but somewhat understandable. I just didn't get why the 3G had to wait for 3Gs to launch for tethering to work. Maybe they were just waiting for the hardware to launch to flip the switch. But does that mean it affects all the other smart phone users? I couldn't find anyone in my office to compare to with fido on that one. More of my cell phone using friends are on Rogers, Bell, and telus so the reach wasn't available to find out if they had the issue. So that aside I was understanding, the Fido tech then said, MMS is working you will receive a text some point today telling you its working.

Now I know I could of been impatient, but after 5 hrs nothing was received so when I got home I called back in, and the tech said "let's troubleshoot it", oh wait I only have my cell and no other phone... (they need a better way of handing this) ... so they say, sorry you need another phone number because you can't be on the phone we're trouble shooting. So instead he tells me what to try and if it doesn't work call back in...

...try powering off, then on, remove sim, power off, power on, insert sim, power off, power on, enter code, power off, power on, reset network settings, power off, power on, enable airplane mode, disable airplane mode...

I try them all, still nothing. So I do the next thing he told me to do, call back in. By this point I'm getting tired, and frustrated as I said earlier I was one of the fools that stayed up to get this ahead of everyone else and avoid the cluster and crash that was inevitable. So I call back...

Fido Tech: "Sorry sir, but we are not supporting your device or troubleshooting it, until the 19th when the new hardware is released."


Fido Tech: "Well sir, we are waiting for the new hardware launch before we provide any form of support for your device."

Me: My hardware is already out why do I have to wait.",

Fido Tech: "we are waiting for the 3Gs to launch, as it is the only device with the new features",

Me:"No its not, only some of the features are only on the new hardware"

Fido tech: "Thats not true sir. Regardless you have to wait until the 19th, thats two weeks away".

Me:"You mean two days",

Fido Tech: "No the 19th is two weeks sir",

Me: "okay whatever, but how come it works for others already, ie Rogers and some fido people.",

Fido Tech:"sir you have to wait until the 19th, we aren't doing any support on your device until its launched on the 19th.",

Me:"my device you have carried for a month",

Fido Tech:"sir you are being unreasonably difficult",


Fido Tech:"sir you have to wait until the 19th for the support, if it works for some then it works for some... some wont work right away, that must be your account, or your device is malfunctioning. regardless you have to wait for any account support until the 19th, for your device.",


Fido Tech: *click*

Me: jerk hung up.

Needless to say, I now have some neat internal app features and a voice memo tool... and that is all 3.0 has brought me until the 3Gs is out. My vote... Fido you Fail.

Now with all that said, I am curious if anyone on Fido or more on Rogers have the MMS and tethering already working with the supplied IPCC that came out yesterday.
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