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Nov 1, 2012
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We are pleased to announce the release of Face Wars for the iPhone/iPod/iPad.


Enter the fantastic world of FaceWars and experience the greatest Virtual Reality sport. Players from all over the world can enter the Maze where participants can compete against the computer or each other in a contest of skill, bravery and survival. Or test your skills to the limit by entering the Single Player Mode, the ultimate cybernetic obstacle course.

When you begin FaceWars, the system assigns you a Familiar Active Computerized Explorer (FACE) represented in this cybernetic world as a smiling sphere.

Standing in your way are the Evil Faces, programmed to pursue you relentlessly. Luckily, they are without the cunning and instinct of human players. Despite this, they are unflinching in their prime directive: Destroy all FACEs.

Controls are simple. Arrow buttons move your FACE in the direction of the arrow. Titling your iPhone, iPad, or iPod will rotate your FACE in that direction. To fire, press the fire button in the lower right.

Status indicators at the top of your screen show the number of enemy FACEs still left in the Maze, your score, and the health of your FACE.

Hits from enemies will cost your FACE to lose health point. Once your FACE loses all health, you will lose a FACE life. The loss of three FACES will result in the destruction of your FACE. Health can be regained by avoiding hits, but lives cannot. Protect your FACE life!

Standard Tatics:
The Face-Off:
Center the enemy FACE on your screen. Either head toward the FACE firing or sit back and lob your shots at him until he pops. Advantage: This is the easiest way to aim since you are traveling in the direction you are firing and the target usually gets easier to hit as you get closer. Disadvantage: In most cases, if both FACES are facing each other its usually a shooting match; the person who has more health usually wins.

The "Run-away" Technique:
If you have an enemy FACE behind you its a good plan to beat feet out of there since you probably figured they are behind because you just got shot. If you they are behind you, running and weaving from side to side is the best tacit. You are trying to get enough space to safely turn around.

The Run and Gun:
Your FACE can fire while going backwards. You can continue to shoot while running away from enemy FACES. Be careful of this technique, since you can be shot from behind while you are going backwards, or get cornered with no way out!

Sniper Technique:
You may notice one of the better ways to kill the enemy FACEs is to hid behind walls and pop out to shoot them. This lowers your risk and lets you have quick sneak hits on your enemy FACEs. Remember enemies can still come up behind you while you are not looking, and you may need to leave your safe spot to kill distant faces.

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