Dooinwell App - Beta-testers Wanted: helps you look after elderly parents


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Nov 25, 2020
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Hi everyone,

I've been building an app that helps make a single elderly parent safer and provides "proof-of-life" to the rest of the family, in a way that tries to be as respectful of the parent's privacy as possible.

It's an iOS-only app and I made use of some cool iOS tech :
- Critical Alerts (notification that shows and makes a sound even on a device in Silent or DND mode)
- Siri Shortcuts for the elderly parent to check-in or request your help hands-free from an HomePod
- Watch OS complications for you to double-check the parent's status and make sure you have not missed an alert ⌚

I just launched a TestFlight beta and it would be really cool if some of you with a single elderly parent would be interested in testing it. I've been building it as I wanted it to be for my own family and really looking forward the feedback of other users.

You can see an app preview on the App Store, and request access to the TestFlight beta through the developer website link of the App Store.

This will be a paid app in the future but of course beta testing is free and will be free for several months of testing at least.

Thank you

Beta Link -

iTunes pre-order links:
• elderly parent app:
• family/ caregiver app:


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