Design your Body (personalized workout app) Review


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Mar 26, 2011
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So what is this app?:

I found this app and thought it was really helpful compared to the other exercising apps out there because it creates an exercise program that fits your body. Also it allows you to create customized exercise plans with detailed instructions on how to lose weight, strengthen your muscles or leave healthfully.

In the beginning, you will put in your weight, height, gender and it will create your BMI or Body Mass Index. After you put in this information, Designyourbody will create a exercise program which includes tons of different routines like pilates, cardiovascular, weights and more. Then you will be able to choose what activities you want and can make it in your daily routine (if you are dedicated to exercising!)

3 Different Categories:

The workouts all have different videos and photos for these 3 major categories. People who are trying to lose weight (like me), muscle building or pilates for women. Each of these can all be custom-made which is really helpful for people like me who hate doing sit-ups but would rather do some extra running!

How it works

There are a lot of videos and instructions on how to do exercise which is really important. The description says over 300 and there are a lot. Basically it will help you learn how to exercise correctly without hurting yourself and what not. In addition, there are other instructions like stretching, weight training and daily and weekly tips to mix up your routine a little more. Oh another cool thing is it has smart reminders and scheduling to fit your busy schedules.

All in all, I thought this app was pretty cool. Instead of paying $50 per hour for a personal trainer I had one on my iPhone.

Any workout buffs here?