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Nov 7, 2008
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When you're creating a new email message you being typing an address into the To: field, the iPhone brings up a list of the closest matches as you type. As far as I can tell it's made up emails stored in your address book as well as emails you have previously sent a message to. However, it's very annoying if you have accidentally sent an email to a slightly misspelled address in the past.
Basically right now I have two that look almost identical except for a one letter difference, and because I accidentally sent one email to the wrong one, they both come up in the gray list of suggestions... This makes picking the right one a lot slower than it should be.
I guess it's not a big deal, but when you want to send a lot of quick e-mails to the RIGHT address then the wrong one certainly does get in the way.
Does anybody know of any way to reset or remove specific e-mails from the list that comes up? I don't mind even resetting it so that all previous To: emails are gone and it's just my address book contacts, so long as it gets rid of any wrong emails I typed in and sent a message to.



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Sep 12, 2008
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Try deleting that accidental email off your email account completely.

I know this sounds silly but also make sure it is not also filed under on of your contacts info. :eek:


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Apr 18, 2009
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Having the same problem

I am having the exact same problem. Mr Eclass, your suggestion is asinine. Obviously, if you could simply delete the address there would be no posting asking for help. On the iPhone, you cannot delete the mistyped or any adresses that appear in the " To: " field when composing a new email. Even if the address is not in your contact list or in any of your email accounts the mistyped or any previously sent email adresses will still appear. I accidentally listed my dad's email as "" instead of "comcast. net". Even though my contact for him has been corrected the incorrect address will appear as Dad with the wrong address. This becomes annoying when you have to quickly send emails and also with certain iPhone apps that send from your contact list automatically without letting you select the correct address. If anyone has some suggestions, i would greatly appreciate it.

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