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Crashed Macbook Pro, how can I fix it?


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Crashed mac pro book

I have a macbook pro Core i7" 2.0 15 that has refused to work, when i switch it on all i get is a flashing folder with question mark icon, i have tried installing the El-captin OS x through a flash USB drive made bootable using TRANSMAC, POWER ISO..etc but none of them worked. please any one with a workable solution on how to do this. when i make a bootable USB, i plug it in, switch on the mac, press down option button but the USB drive doesn't show out.

Ariel Babalao

New member
May 8, 2014
Re: Crashed mac pro book

What about downloading the OS X again into your apps folder, then use diskmaker to make a bootable usb drive.
Once it's finish, boot and push down the option key and chose the sub drive to continue.
Of course you will need another mac to create your bootable usb drive with diskmaker.