CrApp list?

Should I create a CrApp list?

  • Yes, it would be helpful and prevent me from buying CrApps.

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  • No, I wouldn't really use it, just keep doing the normal reviews.

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Jul 5, 2008
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In the process of reviewing apps, there are many that I purchase or download with the intent of reviewing them, but as I start to look at the app I decide it isn't worth the effort. Usually this is because of a variety of reasons: the app is (IMO) worthless and serves no purpose at all, the app simply has a horrible interface/controls/graphics, the app is just annoying, the app is too complex or difficult, or the app doesn't really do what it advertises as doing (or some other reason).

When this happens, I just discard the app and move on to another. This is one reason that the reviews seem biased toward high rating (higher than a 2) on the scale. But would it be worthwhile to just create a list of these apps that I have started to look at but then discarded for one reason or another? I was thinking I could create a list and add to it, listing the app, the cost, and a brief (one sentence or phrase) idea of why I stopped reviewing it.

This would enable people to see these app and to see my first impressions of them, and they could then decide if they wanted to try them or not. Also, if someone saw an app that the really wanted reviewed on the list, they could ask me to take another look at it.

So what do you think? Create a CrApp list or not?



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Jul 10, 2008
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Definitely a CrApp list. Or maybe a thread should be started where people are able to post their CrApp finds.

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