Classic Duck Hunting Game - Adventure Shooting Game For iPhone/iOS


Jul 27, 2015
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I'm so excited to represent one of our best achievement Classic Duck Hunting Game for iPhone. This game is free & designed for iPhone & iPad.

The game play is super simple: you have to aim at the flying and flappy ducks and then shoot the duck. More you can shoot accurately more points will be added in your account.

There are more challenges embedded here. If you can shoot at the duck?s head you will get to bag more points other than shooting the duck anywhere else in its body. You have to complete each shooting session by 3-minute time! Besides chasing flappy ducks, you need to chase time as well.

As you will gather score you will be eligible to accumulate more duck coins. More duck coins you will get, you can purchase better guns and ammos to enjoy your hunting frenzy on and on. You can unlock new exciting themes as well as you can purchase lots of bullets by in-app purchase.

You must have decided to start hunting ducks right now: before you hit the download button take a look at the entertaining features of Classic Duck Hunting app as well:

-- Colorful and lively user interface,
-- You can select between exciting themes: only you have to score accordingly for choosing your favorite hunting spot,
-- More ducks you will shoot accurately you will collect more duck coins in your account,
-- With duck coins you can purchase more powerful guns to enjoy more powerful hunting session,
-- Stimulating music behind will add more dynamics in your hunting duck game.

Download the entertaining shooting game Classic Duck Hunting on your android device and start enjoying duck hunting as much as you love! You can enjoy your duck hunt endlessly here: ask your kids to play the game. Besides fun and excitement, the game will help them in improving their motor skill naturally.

Your feeds back will be appreciated, must leave one after download and lets me know what is we can do to make it a better game.



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Jul 30, 2015
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The only thing u do is just shoot duck!!! So plz fix this by putting more stuff on it!!! I'm just 7!!! If u can't I"ll try to do something and if can't I will just play it any ways!!! Thank u!!! Also I love it still!!!

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