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Aug 13, 2015
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First we would like to introduce us: we are a small, newly established indie developer from Hamburg and have published our first iOS game for iPhone and iPad in the App Store today. It's named Circlestances and is a small arcade or high score game. The download is free

Circlestances requires quick reactions, but also some tactical approach and a bit of luck. Two balls fly randomly and at an ever faster pace over the display. If they overlap, you should tap on the display and receive points according to the overla. If the balls do not overlap, dont' tap, becaus then the game is over.

Circlestances can be downloaded for free from the App Store, this includes occasional advertising. Wen interfere with this and want to unlock all 4 different modes of the game immediately (can also be unlocked completely free), you can do so via the single in-app purchase in the Universal app.

We would be very happy if you Circlestances download from the AppStore for free and would simply tried it out. Who likes the game, of course, a little review in the App Store may feel free to leave, this always helps small indie developers like us and provides new motivation. If you have questions, tips or feedback, we look forward to your contributions here in the forum or by e-mail - Thank you!
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