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Check out VIRION for iPhone/iPad NOW!


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Sep 3, 2010
YouTube - VID00001.MP4

"Originality, addictivness and a joy to play make our new release Virion stand out from the crowd.

With a simple and unique concept, the player engages in a series of challenges to fight off a viral infection. Battle with the virus takes the form of supportting the body's immune system in targetting antibodies towards the infection. Simple gestures from the players finger enable engagement and removal of the viral receptors, hence weakening the virus; the pure responsiveness of the interface makes this a joy to play. With each virus residing within 9 segments of a brain and over a series of 14 patients, there are 126 levels of progressive gameplay. Longevity is further enhanced through the reward scheme and the secret behind the final patient. Virion is a very satisfying and addictive experience that will give you many hours of entertainment.

There is more too; a feature developed and originated by Stigmergy Games. The inclusion of a portrait profile system enables players to compete on one device. With their own accounts, using images in place of names, the best player is identified on the front screen. A great feature for competitive players and an ideal solution to enable friends or family members to progress through their own game.

This is a well thought out app that has been built to make the most from the actual capabilities of the platform and without compromise.

You will thoroughly enjoy this app!"