Can You Solve the Ancient Mystery?


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Oct 26, 2012
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Games and Learning run hand in hand many times. Games can be used as tools to encourage learning and curiosity for knowing more about a wide range of subjects. The imaginative environment and challenges within games can encourage players to develop a good set of skills and competencies, as well as develop mental abilities.
So ? What is the Ancient Mystery?
What is the hidden mystery? And how can solving a number of riddles and brain teasers take players on a deeper and further quest, to uncover a great hidden truth?
What is the secret ?code? that connects Plato & Socrates, Myths, Dragons, Greek Gods, Ancient Philosophies, a Cave man, the beginnings of civilization, Astrology, and many jewels of wisdom from different thinkers of different ages ?
In this game, the players are challenged to spot the clues, survive the challenges, acquire the objects of wisdom, uncover the big puzzle, and unlock the chamber of secret teachings?
Players must use wits, knowledge, friends, and ? their favorite search engine to overcome the obstacles of nature and the limitations of the obvious.
Ancient Mystery lets players Discover, Think, Read, and Learn as this ancient and thoughtful magical quest takes them to different challenges of observation, intelligence, insight, knowledge and wisdom.
?Even dry and trivialized truths can gain amazing power when we view them in a new creative and practical light.?
Ancient mystery is a game in the iTunes application store (, available for the iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch. The game was designed to be educational, interesting and fun to play. It offers many different intelligent aspects that most games in the iTunes App Store do not provide. The ?Hidden Secrets? Sections offers in-depth explanation for some of the icons, symbols, and items within the game. A hidden mysterious ?code? connects all the game?s elements, and the player is invited to discover it.
Is Ancient Mystery free to play?
Ancient Mystery can be downloaded for free with limited functionality. Players have to unlock the full version for $0.99 to be able to experience all the features of the game.
Too Hard??
Ancient Mystery challenges both the intelligence and knowledge of players. It can be quite difficult at times, and the clues can be ?cryptic?. But all this is part of the learning? With real head-scratching, and search for answers, the player learns many new things, sometimes related ? and sometimes not ? to the game?s Story.
Two Levels of Hints can be used within the game (making it ?Easier? and ?Easiest? respectively) if the player gets really stuck.
Play, Think, and Learn .. and Have Fun !

Ancient Mystery : iOS (iPhone / iPad) App | Think-Grow's Blog Page

The game (iPad App, iPhone App) is produced by Think-Grow and it challenges you to solve the mystery. The App is available for download at:

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