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Macbook Pro: Storage and External Monitor

I got an offer I can't refuse for a brand new Macbook Pro 13.3" Late 2013(2.4/8GB/128).

I've been with Windows for over 20 years. So getting over to Mac is really a big leap.

But I got a few concerns. First is the low storage of 128GB. So the best way/workaround would be getting an external harddisk to store some files, etc.

My questions are:-
1)What/Which application or files should I use the external harddisk? Perhaps those with storage hungry like iPhotos. Please provide some ideas, etc.

2)Should I use the same external harddisk for time machine backup? Or I should get one for storage/usage purpose with MBP and another for time machine backup only?

3)Asides from OS and apps, what should I store my 128GB flash with? Since maybe most of my items would be in time machine.

The another huge headache is the usage of external screen. Honestly the 13.3" is a bit too small for my liking, as I will need to read lots of emails, doing some html coding for my website and read some pdf documents. But as mentioned, I got an offer I can't refuse for the MBP(at the price of mac mini 2014 mid-range). Unbelievable but true.

I am thinking of using the MBP that connected to external monitor(21" maybe) via HDMI. I will be using the keyboard and trackpad of MBP, with screen slightly tilted(so I can view the 21" monitor).

But I was shocked to find out that there is no feature to turn off the MBP screen(easily available via function key f4 in windows). Note that clamshell mode is definitely not an ideal solution as I intend to use the MBP keyboard and trackpad. Furthermore, clamshell could cause the MBP to overheat.

Note that most probably I will upgrade to Yosemite. Is this a good choice(can the specs cater for this OS upgrade)?

My questions:-
1)I heard there is a command using Terminal to switch off the MBP screen(in yosemite). Is it an ideal solution?

2)Can you please specific the step-by-step of using the Terminal command to switch off the MBP screen?

3)Will this feature added to OS Yosemite soon? I heard it was available in the older OS version. Honestly, such a basic necessity missing from OS X is shocking and worrying for me for this leap to Apple.

Please help. I hope I will be a proud owner of a MBP, soon. But for the time being, I need to solve the above worries.

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