Best "Find My Friends" alternative? Need compatibility with Android


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Feb 15, 2010
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Thanks for looking.

Now, I'm sure everyone is rolling his/her eyes and thinking "Just use Google Latitude". Yes, it does work, but it's a battery hog since it requires "background updating" be on to passively track others. "Find My Friends" works perfectly on iPhones and it is not a battery hog. Apparently it remotely activates Location Services when someone is tracking a particular phone but then it turns off. I noticed this by tracking my wife's phone while watching its screen - the Location icon appears briefly in the top bar (whatever that area is called).

Note to all privacy Nazis - I'm only tracking family members and everyone is OK with it.

We are about to have a mix of iPhones and Android phones in the family thus this new issue. Google Latitude works but as mentioned previously it's a battery hog, at least on iOS devices.

Any suggestions? Every alternative I've tried requires leaving Location Services on all the time.