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Sep 19, 2011
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There are plenty of hangman apps around, but HANGMAN DELUXE sets itself apart with its cool design.
It comes with four different environments (Monster, Cowboy, Businessman and Pirate) and three word levels.
Gamers will defy worldwide top scores through Game Center while parents will have a fun way to teach their kids new words!

Sept, 22 UPDATE:
You will now be able to unlock levels and themes for FREE and save the Cowboy, Pirate or the businessman from the gallows as well, but that is only if you prove yourself worthy of HANGMAN DELUXE!
Beware though! Life won?t get any easier for our heroes: We?ve added new words to decipher?

HANGMAN DELUXE is simple, cool and fun to play... Give it a try and enjoy! (And don't hesitate to spread the good word if you do!)

You will find the free version at: itunes.apple.com/app/hangman-deluxe/id447088458?mt=8

Our HANGMAN DELUXE includes:
- Three difficulty levels (small words level is available for free without time limitation)
- More than 300 different words per level
- A fun design with four different environments (Monster, Cowboy, Businessman and Pirate)
- Worldwide player leaderboards (Game Center)
- Score sharing via Facebook to challenge your friends
- Also available in French
- At any time, you can remove ads and unlock levels and themes via in-app purchase
- Upgrades will follow throughout the year

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