Are you getting the new HomePod?

Are you getting the new HomePod?

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Oct 16, 2014
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I guess I fail to understand use case scenarios. Why can’t I just pick my phone up and do whatever?


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May 6, 2009
HomePod is one of those rare Apple products I have no desire to have. I still can't get used to speaking commands, and my sound bar/subwoofer combo has bluetooth. It sounds good enough to me atm.


Feb 6, 2012
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I'm interested. But it, as seems to be the norm with Apple, it's kind of pricey despite it's limitations to the competition. So I'm going to reserve my opinion until I try it out for myself.


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Jan 24, 2018
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Re: Are you getting the new HomePod? Waiting...

So after all the news, all the hype, and all the amazing-ness, I have one question for you:

Are you getting the new HomePod?


In looking into this I came across an AppleInsder article that broadened the scope of the issue. I want an assistant that does more than positions me for purchases from Google or Amazon -

Recommended - Apple's HomePod isn't about Siri, but rather the future of home audio.

I have three Play 3s and a Play1, so am embedded in Sonos. In the three years we've used the system, it's done well. Our computers, phones, TV, and tablet are Apple. The last thing I want to do is muddy the waters by bringing in Alexa or Google. I like Siri and can work with it.

I'm going to wait to see how the HomePod works with the Sonos speakers. My preference is to replace Sonos with HP, but will avoid that cost if the Airplay 2 can allow the HP work with Sonos. I guess that won't be known for awhile.


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Sep 12, 2008
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No. I'm sure it's going to be a great product but I've never had any interest in things like the Echo or Google Home because I don't have much use for them. Maybe one day that will change, but I'm good for now.


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Oct 1, 2014
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Absolutely. I’ve ordered one. Serenity’s mini review convinced me it’s gonna sound great and Siri seems to be really good compared to on other devices with the multiple microphones.


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Dec 13, 2014
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Well I bought one. I was comparing it directly to my sonos play 3 and play 5. It sounds excellent. It has good bass response and the highs sound clear but the mids are lacking. The sonos speakers sounded like they were coming from one spot, the front of the speaker. But the HomePod doesn’t sound like it is coming from the on spot, it fills the room quite nicely. The bass from the HomePod tricks you into thinking the sound is full but it is lacking in midbass without a doubt. Compared to the play 3 the HomePod sounds really good. The play 3 has better midrange and maybe even high end and definitely sound volume but the HomePod did sound better overall. Compared to the play 5 the HomePod holds its own as well. The play 5 definitely has a lot more volume and the highs and mids sound better and louder. The homepods bass keeps it in the mix but it can’t hang with my gen 1 sonos play 5. The bass is deeper on the HomePod but at full volume the HomePod is tuning the sub out so it doesn’t distort and the sub volume level suffers. When playing volume closer to 50% the homepods bass shines through and it is much better than my play 5 or play 3. Last night I moved it into my bedroom and am comparing it to my sonos one. I am surprised that the one can hang with the HomePod. The one has better midrange and maybe a fuller sound everywhere but the low end bass. After a few days in my bedroom I am gonna send the HomePod next door to my brother in laws and have him compare it to his 2-sonos ones in stereo. That will be the true test. Overall I like the HomePod a lot. I have Apple Music and it works great with the HomePod. Honestly though, if the sonos one can get Siri support I probably wouldn’t even think twice about the HomePod again. I have 12 days to return the HomePod and might just do that.

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