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Sep 4, 2014
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I realize this is the Series 2 forum, but I just couldn't find a likely spot for us Series 1 buyers, and it may be of some help to those trying to decide whether to go Series 1 or 2.

I've always been one of those "biggest and best" buyers when it comes to Apple (first 64gb iPhone, iPhone 6, 6s 128gb, 512GB Air; I think you get the picture). This is the first time I have "downsized" on an Apple device - and here's why:

1. I never jog/walk without my phone, so it will be using the iPhone 7+ GPS anyway
2. Don't (can't, won't, don't like to) swim, so ultimate water protection is not an issue
3. Never had problem reading my Gen 0 in bright sun
4. Series 1 and 2 have same processor, just no GPS in S1P

So I opted for a space gray Series 1 and here's what I've found:

1. SAVED $100
2. FAST - crazy fast compared to Gen 0
3. That speed is also a factor of Watch OS3, which ALL generations benefit from; fast, smooth, better interface
4. Screen is excellent outdoors (washing out som in direct sunlight, but not unusable)
5. Runs all the same software, only fstr (you know, too fast for vowels)
6. Can't speak to battery life yet, but seems about the same as my Gen 0

Now, you can't get stainless steel or ceramic, but after Gen 0, my thinking is wait for the first real physical redesign before committing a $1000+ on a smartwatch. Besides, maybe they'll do a round version next time so it really will look like a watch (hint hint)...

And as for the "porky factor" it still stands too high on the wrist - if they can't slim it down, they need to increase battery life to compensate for having to wear a thick watch.

PS - every time I look at my watch I can't help but think how good that AMOLED screen is going to look next year on my anniversary edition iPhone...


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Jul 28, 2016
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I also bought a series 1 instead of a 2 recently, pretty much for the same reasons. So far I'm very happy with it.


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Aug 21, 2015
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1. I never jog/walk without my phone, so it will be using the iPhone 7+ GPS anyway
2. Don't (can't, won't, don't like to) swim, so ultimate water protection is not an issue.

To me, these are the keys to buying series 2 versus 1. If you're not a runner or swimmer, series 1 makes sense for first time buyers.


Sep 30, 2016
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I have a job that requires me to have my hands near or in water frequently throughout the day. I need a watch I don't have to take off/put on every time. So that makes me choose the Series 2.

Todd Dammitq

Oct 24, 2012
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100% agree datrauss. Series 1 is perfect for me because I go for weights/cardio/spin when exercising and don't run or swim.

I always stay away from 1st gen items so this is my 1st Apple Watch and had a hard time deciding between this and the Series 2. Ultimately I decided on the Series 1 for the same reasons stated here and the $100 savings went towards 3rd party watch bands off Amazon.

Also agree that because Apple will continue to release new watches annually I didn't want to spend a ton of $ on this watch only to be regretting it a year from now.

Just wish there was a stainless steel option but can't have everything I guess...


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Mar 9, 2009
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I have season pass to a water park. These past 2 summers I had to take my Watch off every time I went. For that reason, I got a series 2.

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